A Safe Retreat

A Place to Call Home. Creating Portable Shelters for Homeless People.

Address Homelessness in Your Area With Portable Shelters

A Safe Retreat designs and builds mobile homeless shelters for various communities across the country. We have been capitalizing on the usage of shipping containers as alternative living spaces over the past decade.

Motivated to Help Communities

We seek to address complex problems like homelessness with creativity, compassion, and innovative solutions. To do this, we appeal to cities and local governments and provide them with affordable solutions that can be assembled as small, modular villages.

Portable and Economical

When we developed our designs, we ensure that they have low building costs, sustainable, and customizable. Its portability feature allows it to be easily moved around, giving the local government a way to place it where they see fit.

Get Started

Let us help your homeless communities by giving them a shelter of their own. For questions or inquiries, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.