Putting Up Low-Cost and Sustainable Mobile Shelters

A Safe Retreat designs and builds portable shelters for various homeless communities. We work closely with cities and local governments to develop livable spaces made from shipping containers.


A Bigger Step to Helping Homeless People

To address homelessness, we have to come up with creative and innovative solutions. Utilizing the developments made shipping containers over the past decade, we have taken the initiative to design and fabricate portable shelters using these materials.

What Makes Our Work Special?


We have designed our shelters to be easily transported and distributed, allowing them to be assembled as small, modular villages settling in viable spaces. With this feature, we also seek to address the struggles and inconvenience of relocations during future events.


Shelters that are affordable to build are easier to finish and distribute to those people in need. We also aim to produce as many homes as needed to ensure every member of your community has a shelter to survive and thrive.


When we design our shelters, we ensure that they will be a long-lasting solution for homeless people. We use only sustainable materials for our custom designs, helping both the community and the environment too.

Get Involved Today

For more information about our portable shelters, reach out to our team today. We would be happy to address all your concerns.